Sunday, 22 July 2012

Some "Me Time" At Last

After a hectic two weeks that feel like two months we both finally got time to have some "me time" yesterday. We started with breakfast with Duncan, Sarah and Rose and were even able to eat in the cafe garden at Balgove on the edge of St Andrews in brilliant sunshine.

Marion then went with Sarah to Dundee for a few hours shopping (a trip that was unfortunately marred by a car breakdown) and I managed to get in not only an hour's cycling but also two or three hours out with the metal detector.

The bike ride blew away the cobwebs of the last fortnight's sedentary lifestyle and I then drove to the field a couple of miles away from the caravan where, in May, I took the call from the estate agents advising me that they had sold our house. It's in a lovely spot and, with the sun still shining brightly I was out on the field in a few minutes. 

And it wasn't very long before the detector sprang into life with signal after signal.

And pretty much as last time I visited the field I dug up plenty of pre-decimal pennies ranging from Victoria through to Elizabeth.

But I also found couple of artefacts. A nice old shoe buckle, a tiny padlock locket, a gilded stud and what may be the wheel from an old toy.

A George V silver threepence and sixpence also surfaced as shiny as they were on the day that they were lost.

And I found what looks like the end of an old spoon and an old Girl Guides' whistle lacking its mouthpiece.

I know that none of this will qualify for a spot on that treasure programme that ITV is running at the moment but it was great to get out in the fresh air and to uncover some stuff that's been lost for over eighty years. There's a very old building in the field so there's still a chance of something older turning up next time.

We've had another day relaxing with the Sunday papers today and more relaxation planned for tomorrow before we're back on the road again on Tuesday in anticipation of the arrival of our second grandchild.