Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Goodbyes Begin

Although we've still been going to the gym this week, we haven't really needed to as the marathon packing job has given us plenty of exercise. Yesterday we moved the boxes packed with all the office and the attic contents down into the conservatory. We felt that we'd be less likely than the removal men to scuff the paintwork so we traipsed up and down three flights of stairs with approximately 240 boxes.

We're almost at the end of it all now and the removal man came round this morning to check out our handiwork - I think he was quite impressed. I've asked him to come and pack what's left now (some paintings, mirrors, glass and a few antiques)  as we aren't insured for breakages under his terms and conditions if we pack that stuff. We're going to head off up to Scotland on Monday for a well earned break and to celebrate Sarah and Rose's birthdays (can it really be a whole year since we made a mad dash up to Dundee to welcome her into the world?). Once we're back we've got to pack for four months of caravan living, help Paul and Josephine with their move to Rochester and choose a builder to renovate the new place in Framlingham - not much on our plates then.

Marion said a tearful goodbye to her friends at the gym last night and on Monday we took two of our oldest friends to The Vincent for a farewell meal. I'm sure we'll see plenty of them as David and Janet are in London frequently and it will be easy for us to arrange to meet up. Tonight we'll have our last ever Orange Wednesday at Vue in Southport. We're going to give The Five Year Engagement a try. It's been well received by the critics so hopefully we'll be leaving the local cinema on a high note.

It was also goodbye to Marion's car yesterday as we sold it to a local dealer. It's been a great little runaround for her but she didn't exactly drive far in it and, with just 10,400 miles on the clock after six years, someone is going to get a great buy. 

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