Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Flying Visit To Glasgow

We're clocking up more miles on the Prius tomorrow when we take Sarah to Glasgow to apply for a passport for Rose. When I bought the car I optimistically told the lease company that I expected to drive ten thousand miles a year but somehow after just twenty eight months I've managed to clock up almost forty thousand. At least when we move to Suffolk it might calm down a bit (hang on Framlingham's about three hundred kilometers further from St Andrews than Southport is). Anyway, our emergency trip came about because Sarah and Duncan were planning a last minute holiday when the penny dropped that a certain little person didn't have a passport. So Sarah managed to get a fast track appointment at the Glasgow Passport Office and hopefully the holiday can go ahead.

We treated ourselves to a trip to the cinema in Dundee today. We went to see Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists and for the very first time we had the whole screen completely to ourselves. The Odeon in Dundee is an enormous multiplex so it was a bit strange having a private screening. We both loved the film; it's full of all the little observations we've grown to expect from Ardman and, with a nostalgic 80's soundtrack, it's got something to please children of all ages (even late fifties).

Our home from home at Craigtoun Meadows in St Andrews is looking a lot more crowded now.

Here's how the site looked from our caravan a few months ago. If you compare with the previous photo you can see that the empty plots opposite ours are now full but we can't grumble as we always knew that was going to happen. On a positive note, the other owners are mostly weekenders who start to arrive in small numbers on Thursday evenings, in larger numbers on Fridays and then depart on Sundays so we get the best part of four days with things completely to ourselves and only have neighbours for the weekend.  It's been a pretty wet week so far but it's been a very relaxing wet week.

Meanwhile our proper home went on the market today. If you are looking for a wonderful family home in Southport look no further. We've been there for almost twenty three years and love our house so it was hardly surprising that Marion shed a few tears as she clicked on the estate agent's details click here.  It will be a huge wrench leaving the house (if we sell it that is) but what's the point of two old codgers rattling around in a five bedroomed house? There comes to a point in life when it's time to move on. Let's hope that we've got that timing right.

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