Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Not Our Best Week With Tesco

As I wrote yesterday, we returned from last week's Tesco visit with minor, but very expensive, damage to the car. We go there a lot and it's the first mishap we've had there in years of shopping. So I wasn't expecting any further incident on our next trip. 

With our granddaughter Rose coming on Thursday we wanted things to look seasonal for her so I went out to get a small Xmas tree. They were all wrapped in that plastic mesh stuff so choosing one was a bit of pot luck. And my luck was certainly out as, when I got home and Marion unwrapped it, it turned out to be the most pathetic specimen you could wish to see. I know that Rose is only five months old but even she would think she was visiting Uncle Scrooge not her granddad if she'd seen it. I only wish I had taken a snap as it would have raised some smiles for my readers.

So back it went and, after twenty minutes waiting at the service desk, the woman in charge shared our amusement and arranged someone from "produce" to assist. He disappeared only to return ten minutes later and tell us he couldn't remove the plastic from a couple for us to check so we had to accept a refund and buy a lovely (unwrapped) one from Dobbies down the road. 

'So he bought a duff Xmas tree" you say? Hardly worth blogging about. I would agree if we hadn't returned to the store today to stock up for Sarah and Rose's visit. Ten minutes into the shop I heard an almighty crash and turned to find poor Marion sprawled flat out on the floor. We were in the milk aisle and the floor was wet through from a spillage. Marion was in agony having taken a heavy fall and really was crying over spilt milk. A Tesco employee ineffectually offered token sympathy and pointed out that just ahead was one of those signs that warn of "Wet floor. Cleaning in progress". A cleaner came by and Marion complained only to be told "you should have seen the sign". Unhappy with this attitude she sought out the manager who, unbelievably, explained that they don't employ the cleaners. I would argue that, even if the cleaner is not on the Tesco payroll, they do employ the cleaners. The manager was OK and took down all the details and asked if she could do anything further but when Marion said she was feeling a bit better, she took her leave. If I had been the manager I would have gone straight to the flower, chocolate or wine department and while Marion was recovering, selected a small gift by way of apology. Every little helps they say. Not from our experience.

It's exactly a year ago today that I had my new hip fitted. It's a good job I didn't take that fall and end up with a dislocation.

We're eating very little meat at the moment. Here's tonight's tea. Chick pea and sweet potato stew with brown basmati rice. It was delicious, nutritious and extremely cheap. We're not vegetarians and we're not on a budget but it's certainly a very enjoyable diet and one that I recommend.

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