Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Looking At Options In St Andrews

We've been on a bit of a hunt with Sarah today. After going down the road to Rufflets hotel for a lunchtime snack (above) we went a little further to the Craigtoun Meadows Holiday Park to have a look around.

Why were we looking around a caravan park? You might ask. Well, we're looking for solutions to facilitate visiting Sarah and Duncan and the baby without having to impose on them. We know what it's like to have a new addition to the family and it's hard enough without guests under your feet so we're considering alternatives. A holiday cottage would be ideal but comes along with significant headaches like keeping on top of the garden and the worry of leaving it empty (even without taking the hefty cost into consideration). St Andrews' hotels are lovely but they aren't exactly a home from home and you've got to get out of the room and go out to eat.

So a holiday caravan is not such a bad idea.  The five star site was beautifully maintained and the latest caravans are pretty well fitted out and might be a sensible compromise. Unlike cottages, they depreciate so at the end of the fourteen year life span you are left with nothing but at the same time the money saved on the initial outlay should earn some interest. We reckon it all boils down to how often we  (and our friends and family) would use it. If we got over twelve weeks' use per year it might make sense. Any less and we would be better off renting cottages (subject to availability). A bit of a dilemma for us but we've plenty of time to talk about it.

Tonight we're off to Nahm Jim the Thai restaurant in St Andrews that reached the semi final of Ramsay's Best Restaurant and was voted the best Thai restaurant in the UK out of over 2,000. We've been before and it's a very pleasant place with an interesting menu and we'll see if it still lives up to expectations or , as recent Trip Advisor reviews suggest, is resting a bit on its laurels.

It was good to see some old friends from the past dangling amongst Sarah's washing. Chicaboo and Ted are almost as old as she is but have just had a spin in the washing machine and don't look a day older than the day we bought them.

A big thank you to son Paul who somehow managed to find our appearance on Treasure Hunt on YouTube. Were we really once this young?