Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Trip To Fort Boyard

A break from the cycling routine today as we took a boat trip to Fort Boyard. About an hour or so from here by boat, the impressive Napoleonic fort built in the middle of the sea is a spectacular edifice and, although we couldn't disembark and have a look around, it was a very enjoyable trip.

The fort is, of course, famous for it's role in the eponymous show "Fort Boyard". And the other show that we watched being filmed down by the harbour last week "Coeur Ocean", is still on location here in Ile De Re. Yesterday we came across the cast and crew again as they filmed a scene outside the nearby restaurant Une Air De Famille. With fewer distractions than on the quayside they seemed to be rattling along with their filming and getting everything done in the first take.

When we stumbled upon them we had just been for a long ride to the tip of the island. It's full of lagoons that are themselves full of wildlife and the bird watchers were out in force watching the multitude of wading birds that inhabit this wilderness.

On the way back we stopped for lunch at the Cafe Du Commerce in Ars En Re. With a lovely waterfront setting, the chirpiest and friendliest waiter you could ever meet and a scouse couple at the next table what more could one ask? Well some decent food wouldn't go amiss. Sad to say this was our first disappointment of the holiday. It wasn't expensive but the meal was uninspiring and unappetising. We chose the set menu but, apart from some tasty langoustines and a decent pichet of local wine the meal was disappointing. As you can see from the photo (not mine for once I pinched this from another blogger  Edgy01), it is a very peasant place to stop but I'd leave it for coffee or cold drinks if I were you. In the evening we were too full from the lunch to eat much so we tried the local tapas bar in Saint Martin. This was cheap and cheerful but the tapas were nothing to rave about although the portions were quite enormous.

We've decided to revisit or favourite places as we've only got three days left now. It's been a great break and one that we will certainly be recommending to friends when we get home.